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TechnoFacto uses solid technology to build and manage your tech infrastructure and development needs.

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Need Something Coded?

We work with a team of tested, trusted, trained professionals. Bring us your challenges.

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Mobile, Cloud, or Desktop

We’ve been at this a long time. We’ve seen it and done it. And we can do it for you, too!

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First, We Integrate...

Understanding your business is our first order of business. We’ll learn everything these is to know. Who are you? What are you doing? Goals? Targets? Vision? What’s the market doing? What are competitors doing? How do we bring current tech capabilities and best practices to your challenges?

...Then We Collaborate...

At this stage of the project, we ideate (brainstorm) and innovate. We’ll work independently or with your team, as appropriate, to plan for and manage your tech needs. The door’s always open, and the dialogue is, too.

...Then We Create & Educate!

We create things. Specs, processes, teams, products, businesses. We educate your team to manage the product or tech, or we own that capability for you.

““Work like hell, tell everyone everything you know, close a deal with a handshake, and have fun.”

~ Harold “Doc” Egerton

“Integrate. Ideate & Innovate. Create. Educate. Iterate.”

~ Keith J. MacKay

Over 30 years' experience. Over 1000 dev projects.

Keith J. MacKay

Founder & CEO

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